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Don Hulyo bleeds hot sauce. Spurred his passion. purpose. and roots. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce started from a humble home kitchen equipped with a vintage Oster and stock pot from his parents.

Coming from the 4th generation family of vinegar maker from Barrio Santor. Tanauan. Batangas. He was exposed to the world of condiments at an early age. Got in love with the pain and pleasure brought by the peppers and started collecting hot sauce wherever he goes.

One day, got bored from off the rack hot sauce as he felt something is missing and decided to craft his own personal use as a gift for friends.

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At Don Hulyo Hot Sauce. We believe In world-class quality and we are on the mission to put the heart, the flavor, the passion, the craftsmanship back to every family’s dining table.

Don hulyo hot sauce og

This hot sauce is the “OG” Earthy and thick brown sauce made of blended pit-smoked red ripe ghost pepper

P 200.00

Inferno Dust - Dry hot sauce

Dry version of our hot sauce that brings a pack of heat that enhances your eating but doesn’t alter the overall flavors of your food.

P 500.00

Infierno black reaper

The hottest on our line-up yet. The flavors are dominant enough to add balance while giving tremendous heat to your month.

P 500.00


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